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Soon they will be ignored in favor of other, more interesting characters and eventually people will even question why they are still on the team at all. A common method is to have the the character suddenly "evolve" to a higher power level.

The Captain tends to be specifically written to have superpowers, in fact. It is a fact of life that leadership tends to favor the badass, even if their level difference has been no fault of the weaker character himself. If the character still seems ridiculously underpowered, they can still be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap by giving them additional powers or responsibilities.

Often said character is The Captain - superpowers would be just a tiny bonus to his real ability: leadership.

Some characters end up being The Heart (the social and moral compass), The Face (diplomat and spokesperson), The Smart Guy or the Badass Normal.

If you like the show you are able to tip tokens to show your appreciation.

They get fire, wind and water, and I get fucking heart!? Sometimes the character will uncover a devastating new use and become the dreaded Lethal Joke Character.

For Video Games, compare Quirky Bard and Power-Up Letdown; see also Crippling Overspecialization. If they won the Superpower Lottery and still have one of these powers, it's Flight, Strength, Heart.

If he's suddenly in a situation where the power is useful all by itself, it's This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman.

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