Dating during a divorce with children

15-Jan-2018 21:59

Just because one man was not able to obtain equal time or full custody of his children does not mean you won't.

You don't go to work and do your job based on what others tell you, you are and are not capable of doing, do you?

Then, don't give up on your children based on what a few angry men say online. Do not let the financial cost associated with a child custody battle keep you from fighting.

Which is more important, saving money for a child’s college education or fathering your child during their informative years and beyond?

I can tell a father that if you aren’t willing to exert your legal rights your chance of winning equal or full custody with your children is zero.

The questions you have to ask yourself is; how important is this issue to me? If it is important then don’t allow fear of a “gender biased” court system keep you from pursuing your right to parent your children.

Don't allow your head to become muddied with opinions from naysayers or those who've been there before you.

Prepared by the Family Law Section of the VIRGINIA STATE BAR Given the percentage of marriages that end in divorce, anyone could be affected in some way by a separation or divorce.

Dissolving a marriage often involves property rights and financial matters, and can raise complicated legal problems, especially when children are involved.

I’ve found that most fathers do not have a clear understanding of their legal divorce rights where the children are involved.

And in most cases will give up custody out of fear of losing in court due to a gender “bias.”For example, I received an email from a father who was separated from his wife.

Document every time your ex keeps you away from your children and then use the court system to hold her accountable for interfering in your parenting time. Immediately hire an attorney or file a pro se petition with the court to establish equal parenting time with your children.3.

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