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13-Jan-2018 15:20

It is tough to be in a relationship where the other person is super busy because we can begin to feel neglected.More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: My boyfriend is so busy with his work, he is a site engineer with 6 projects to attend to and I am actually running out of nice words to make his day great and he seldom reply now.He sulks when I bring it up and ignores me for days after Either let it go or move on.He is not willing to discuss it further and probably feels that his apology was sufficient and does not want to re visit the subject again.If he's too busy for you then your relationship can't possibly work.

Do not try to change that for him but do request more from him. He has told you that he cares about you so give him time to ease into a relationship with you.Below are some tips on how to properly be a supportive girlfriend to your busy boyfriend: It really depends on what he's been busy with. Even with work, he still needs to take some time for himself and for you.If it's non work related, or he's out with his friends, then you need to have a serious talk with him.If all he does is play video games all day be aware that will be his favorite way to spend time for years to come.

Asking for more attention from him is not an unreasonable request. Many guys do not require the attention that women do in a relationship.

Not taking the time to even text message a cancellation of a date could spell issues down the road in your relationship.

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