Dating in paleontology dating a patient ethics

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But while these two fields often work together, they are quite different.

Paleontology is the study of fossils, while archaeology is the study of human artifacts and remains.

In addition each of the divisions in the Yale Peabody Museum is run by expert collections managers.

The research interests of faculty are very diverse and include taphonomy, biogeochemistry, exceptionally preserved fossils, trace fossils, morphology, phylogenetic systematics, macroevolution, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, paleogeography and stratigraphy, as well as the taxonomy and phylogeny of a range of groups from plants to dinosaurs.They are also involved in collecting natural resources, like coal, oil, and natural gas.Not only are these fossils in their own right, but they are also buried deep underground so finding them requires some knowledge of the rocks and minerals that keep them hidden - perfect for a paleontologist!This historical information not only tells us about differences between past cultures and peoples but also helps us learn about our shared heritage as well.

Just thinking about the many different ancient and modern humans who have roamed the earth, it makes sense that archaeologists would need to be quite specialized in various branches of this science.The fossils buried in Earth's crust tell a story about our planet's past.

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