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14-Dec-2017 02:28

Through a (somewhat) careful study, I discovered some interesting information and simplified (generalized) it down to three types of men which may help you to understand your situation.

SEE ALSO: How to Make Sense of a Breakup that Doesn't Make Sense First, there are those who are intimidated by successful women.

Most confusing is the continued existence of the man who doesn’t seem to ask himself these questions – the man who's sole aim in life appears to be to win, win, win.

We’ve all met him, whether it’s the office or down the pub.

As “macho” men are supposed to be, many are not all they represent themselves to be.

For some, it may just be immaturity as men have been found to develop and mature later than women. Men are pressured (or taught) by society to be or live up to something that is often not possible, nor should be.

Life is too short to settle for someone who may never be God’s best for you. I believe the enemy has long been attacking men to make them feel of little value or worth. Then yes, you might have some compatibility issues but if we are talking about you finishing college and he hasn’t. I don’t care what he does as long as he knows God put him there.

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If a guy likes you and doesn’t have the courage to ask you out, he probably doesn’t have what you want, at least for now. And you went to college, grew up with material possessions, and make a great salary. I have gotten to a place in my walk with the Lord that I am praying for a man who loves Jesus more than me.

These guys have probably been taken care of all their life and never pressured to step up.