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In July 1870, white workers in San Francisco led large street demonstrations making clear the Chinese weren’t wanted—and should not consider themselves safe.

In October 1871, when a fight broke out in Los Angeles between rival gangs of Chinese criminals, whites poured into the neighborhood and murdered 23 Chinese. The Chinese still kept coming to the United States.

Perhaps the odor of burnt things gave the men some idea of what they were about to see.

Mixed with it was a sicker, sweeter smell — the smell of dead things that had started to decay.

If they were careful, in a few years they could save a lifetime’s fortune to take back home.

California welcomed them, badly needing the work they could do.

Soon Chinese men were working alongside whites at jobs from farming to cigar‑making.

When it came time to build the transcontinental railroad east from Sacramento, Calif., over the Sierra Madre Mountains, Chinese workers, though physically small, proved to be reliable, strong and very tough. Blasting tunnels through hard rock, cutting ledges for the railroad along cliffs and mountainsides was dangerous, difficult work.

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But the new law was full of loopholes, and the immigration question was as open-ended and confusing as ever.

When the Union Pacific got in financial trouble, the railroad saved money by cutting the miners’ pay.

To keep profits higher, the miners and their families were required to shop for food, clothes and tools only at the company’s stores, where prices were high.

Other Chinese who ran businesses—herb stores, laundries, noodle shops, social clubs—lived in shacks they built themselves.

Although they worked side by side every day, whites and Chinese spoke separate languages and lived separate lives. This made it possible for each race to think of the other, somehow, as not entirely human.Because the Chinese were willing to work for lower wages, everyone’s wages stayed low.