Jiyong and dara seen dating

11-Aug-2017 06:55

GD once pretended to eat a microphone in the Lollipop 2 music video, one that Dara did when she was a trainee.

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Moreover, at the SAL Concert, GD once said that apple is the symbol of his love, even GD and Dara performed Hello in the apple-shaped box. GD adores Bo A and Ivy so much because they are beautiful and could dance and sing hip hop and R&B very well and dress up in that style, too.

GD was the only one who helped her, whereas there’s TOP and Taeyang who have bigger body than him.

That was the time when Dara said that GD is her ideal type.34.

It should be noticed that GD once played as Hanazawa Rui at the Bigbang BBF parody.37.

GD’s ideal type of woman always changes all the time.

In the background picture of PSY official account presented the cartoon version of YG family in a party. GD’s mysterious status message at his Minihompy in May 2009, exactly when 2NE1 first debut, became a controversy amongst the KVIPs.

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