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There was a proposal mooted recently in Britain to use the upper and lower cases of "BP" to describe calibrated and conventional dates, bp for instance was to refer to calibrated dates, BP to conventional dates.This was never adopted by the international Radiocarbon community.The national debate about free speech at college campuses surfaced at Princeton University, with the school’s Center for Jewish Life canceling an appearance this week by a pro-Zionist member of the Israeli government amid student backlash.EDISON — The two Board of Education candidates, Jingwei “Jerry” Shi and Falguni Patel, who found themselves at the center of an offensive postcard flier mailing a week before the Nov.The publication of radiocarbon dates rests almost totally with the submitter of the material.In many instances, researchers have in recent decades, neglected to publish relevant data describing the sample, laboratory and reference numbers, provenance and reservoir correction details.These may be involved with uncertain reservoir corrections, especially for shell dates, corrections for isotopic fractionation and failure to specify whether the old or new half-life was used.The individual laboratory code number, which is prefixed to radiocarbon measurements from that particular lab.

Cochrane, concerned about stressed out students not getting enough sleep, released a proposal to start classes at Princeton High School nearly an hour later for the upcoming academic year.Depending upon the type of publication and the nature of the discipline, D14C should also be published.

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