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15-Jul-2017 12:16

Marshall Murray Judge of the Circuit Court of Milwaukee Member of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges One of the most important duties for any court system is to ensure that youth in the community are protected.

As the former Presiding Judge of the Milwaukee Children’s Court and Presiding Judge of the Milwaukee County Domestic Violence Courts, I have seen many young people who were survivors of teen dating violence.

One of the hardest tasks I have faced is making decisions in cases that involve victimized youth.

I know that judges around the country (many of whom are parents) also are deeply concerned about making the right decision in cases that involve teen survivors.

These are tough issues for any judge to handle by themselves.

That’s why NCJFCJ and I put together this article entitled you may need to know, but it’s a start.

By the time a teen has reached your courtroom, she has interacted with a number of adults, all of whom portray themselves as authority figures.

It’s not unusual to find adolescents who display a “lack of respect, verbal abuse, put-downs, involvement of alcohol or drugs and a [general] disregard for privacy,” according to a report from the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs.

This does Just because a teen is a criminal defendant doesn’t mean she cannot be a victim of dating violence.

In fact, only a little over one-third of teens who were abused ever disclosed their abuse.

Adult responses to violence like help-seeking, talking to police and moving away are often unavailable or not apparent to teens.

Teens are often reluctant to disclose abuse to an authority figure.

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