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08-Sep-2017 17:08

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That led to the resignation of Pratt's lead clerk and sparked an investigation by the District Attorney's Office and a grand jury.

Enos said Pratt had no dismissal hearings scheduled on the days she signed a majority of the orders, Dec. The District Clerk's office confirmed no dismissal dockets were held on those days.District clerk's spokesman Bill Murphy said that system, known as e File system, has nothing to do with the mailing of notices of dismissal hearings.Pratt's lawyer, Terry Yates, said it is commonplace for judges to purge their dockets at the end of the year and called Enos' complaint "wholly and utterly without merit." "Greg Enos is like the boy who cried wolf, and he's become a political alarmist," Yates said.In addition to Enos' complaint to the Harris County District Attorney's office, several Houston family lawyers said they are filing complaints this week with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct amid calls from some for Pratt to resign and withdraw from the March 4 GOP primary.

Even as some lawyers scrambled to seek reinstatement of their cases, others continued to learn this week that their cases had been dismissed.Those orders were suspended when the case was dismissed.