Updating to vista whats the rush

11-Jul-2017 00:42

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Yes, Linux has evolved since then to take advantage of more powerful computers, but the latest version of Linux will still work well on older equipment.There are also plenty of other operating systems that work equally well on machines that Microsoft has abandoned support for.It released subsequent versions of Internet Explorer and related products which encouraged web publishers to write web pages that would only work with the latest versions of Internet Explorer.It only took a few short years for the main page of Microsoft's own website, , to stop working properly with the early versions of Internet Explorer which it pushed an unprecedented amount to get people to install.It's also Microsoft's way of convincing consumers that their newer product versions are better because they are so much bigger.Their new features are often superfluous but users must still deal with the overhead required by the features even though most will never use the features.Once a small number of users adopt a new version of a Microsoft product all other users are pressured to upgrade lest they are unable to interact with files produced by the newer program.Dan Martinez summed up the situation created with the incompatibility in subsequent versions of Word when he said "while we're on the subject of file formats, let's pause for a moment in frank admiration of the way in which Microsoft brazenly built backward-incompatibility into its product.

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Upgrades from Microsoft are typically installed not because the customer wants to do something with the new version of the product that wasn't possible with the previous version, but rather because Microsoft has abandoned the older version of the product or has designed the new version such that it is incompatible with the old version (unnecessarily in many cases) and therefore requires upgrading in order to interoperate with copies installed by friends or colleagues and with new computers.

"The Bloatware Debate" is a technical discussion of how two separate people dissected one particular Microsoft program and found out, to their shock, that it was over 2,000% larger than it should have been.

It would appear from this discussion that the cumbersome size of Microsoft programs is due not only to the continually growing clutter of useless features but it is also due to careless programming (perhaps to an even larger degree).

References: [Screenshot of breaking IE 4 with HTTP/1.1 support on November 11, 2002] Microsoft also left these same people that helped Internet Explorer gain the majority market share in the lurch by providing delinquent support for Internet Explorer 5.0 shortly after its release.

Internet Explorer 5.01 SP2 was released in June 19, 2001.

Did you realize 486's are still usable machines if you're running something other than Microsoft's latest software?

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