Vb net force validating event

04-Aug-2017 09:12

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Computing environment may contain some or all of the below mentioned elements: Installation Testing System testing conducted once again according to hardware configuration requirements.

Installation procedures may also be verified Functional Testing It checks that the functional specifications are correctly implemented.

Testing of a software product or system conducted at the developer's site by the customer BETA TESTING: Testing is done after the completion of project.

Testing conducted at one or more customer sites by the end user of a delivered software product system.

Software testing is the process used to help identify the Correctness, Completeness, Security and Quality of the developed Computer Software (OR) The process of evaluating the software application or program to find the difference between the actual results to the expected result.

Software testing has three main purposes: The verification process confirms that the software meets its technical specifications and user requirements. The Defect is a variance between the expected and actual result.

This is used to find whether all the requirements are covered or not. Unit Testing = (Testing the individual modules) The testing done to a unit or to a smallest piece of software.

Done to verify if it satisfies its functional specification or its intended design structure.

Scalability testing can be done using load test with various software and hardware configurations changed, where the testing environment settings unchanged.

Exploratory Testing: With out the knowledge of requirements, testing is done by giving random inputs.

Ad-Hoc testing: Testing without a formal test plan or outside of a test plan.

Can also check if Non Functional behavior is as per expectations.

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Stress testing To evaluate a system beyond the limits of the specified requirements or system resources (such as disk space, memory, processor utilization) to ensure the system do not break unexpectedly Load Testing Load Testing, a subset of stress testing, verifies that a web site can handle a particular number of concurrent users while maintaining acceptable response times.Regression Testing = (Testing the application to find whether the change in code affects anywhere in the application) Regression Testing is "selective retesting of a system or component to verify that modifications have not caused unintended effects".

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